Single Session Therapy

An intensive way of working in therapy one session at a time. One session may be all you need.

Do you have a problem you want to address

One session - 90 minutes - £150 - email for a booking

If you feel at a loss about the way forward and want to find a pathway a consultancy session may help. Of course, we can't resolve everything in one session, but we can discover intention and direction.

Some of the reasons people seek a Single Session may be:

Feeling stuck

Finding life challenging to manage

Wanting to get more out of life

You want therapy but intermittently 


You want to try therapy before committing 

Making a difficult decision

Experiencing anxiety, guilt, shame anger

Relationship issues

How it works

If you would like to book a Single Session, email me, and I will get in touch to find out what it is you are looking for, what issues you want to deal with and how I can best help.

I will send you a questionnaire before the session to help you focus on what issues you want to work on and what the problem is that you are facing. This enables me to do some preparatory work before the session.

During the session, we will agree on what we can realistically achieve, and if you have multiple issues, we will identify one and focus on that.

This is an intensive therapy experience, and one session may be enough. We will conclude the session by mapping out your agreed goals and actions supporting change. You will take this with you as your guide. 

View each session as a whole, potentially complete in itself.

Expect change

How does it work?

Single Session Therapy

Single Session Therapy is available for both individuals and couples.

One of the benefits of Single Session Therapy can be identifying what is getting in your way of living the life you want. It can help you identify unhelpful patterns. When it comes to our own lives, we have a hard time seeing patterns that get in our way. We’re too close to our problems,  

This therapy adopts a one-session-at-a-time approach to therapy. Each session is considered one self-contained therapy session with a beginning, middle, and end. 

It can help you implement changesor come up with solutions so you can move forward and be ready to move on to the next step.

Research shows that simply attending one session can sometimes be enough to kick-start the process of making changes to your life.

Fee: £150 90 minutes

How is it different

In ongoing therapy, there is usually an assessment in the first session.

In Single Session Therapy I do not carry out a full assessment. Instead, we are looking for how best to help you in a one-off capacity involving a pre-session questionnaire, identifying your strengths, and finding the best way forward. 

Send me an email to start the process

What do you need to bring?

A willingness to accept challenge

A willingness to allow others to offer a different view

Ability to accept choice and take responsibility

An understanding you have resources in your life

Accept that change can happen quickly

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