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Supervision for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

I qualified as an Integrative Clinical Supervisor with The Minster Centre in 1997. I am on the UKCP Supervisors Directory and am a BACP accredited supervisor. I have been providing supervision both in private practice and for organisations for 25 years.

As an integrative supervisor I work with counsellors and psychotherapists who have trained in a variety of different models. I offer one-to-one and group supervision to fully qualified and experienced therapists and counsellors as well as to trainees who are just starting out. I work integratively with all theoretical backgrounds for those who are looking for a supportive and empowering relationship to explore their work with clients.

BACP Snr Accredited Supervisor. UKCP Register Supervisor

How I work

How I work

I work to provide a solid supervisory relationship where you feel supported, safe and able to take risks.

I feel that supervision is a place for exploring and it is important that you feel safe enough to step into that space of exploration.

My Aim for Supervision -

To provide a space that is collaborative.

To provide a safe place to bring your "shadow" or more vulnerable side as a therapist and counsellor

To bring my wide knowledge and experience to the benefit of the supervisory relationshipto provide education and information if it is needed.

Offering challenge when appropritate

Together find the most appropriate course of action with a client.

Drawing upon theory and work with the model that supports you

To integrate theory and practice.

To safely explore difference,

To enable you to work effectively and confidently with countertransference and non verbal communication

Where appropriate to use the relational experience of supervision to explore parallel process.

To create a space where you feel able to develop professionally as a therapist or counsellor


I have provided supervision for :

Gestalt Psychotherapists

Qualified and experienced Psychotherapists and Counsellors

Psychotherapy and Counselling trainees

Bristol University Counselling Service - supervising the supervisors.

Westminster Mind

Blenheim Project

Various Voluntary Organisations

Volunteer Counsellors

Professional Accreditation

Working towards a recognised professional registration can seem like a mountain to climb, though with support through your supervision, this can be broken-down into manageable and achievable chunks.

Supervision is an ongoing process which provides for therapists and their supervisor to share a supportive and affirming space where the therapist is professionally nurtured and energised. It provides education for those who are beginning their career, as well as keeping therapists regardless of experience up to date with new developments.

It provides time and space to consider self-care. It ensures that’s the work of therapists is being discussed and enhanced. Finally, it allows for the work with clients to be monitored to ensure they are receiving the best possible service.

Being a therapist is a demanding role and can often be a lonely one too. Supervision is a collaborative, supportive relationship where you can offload, talk things through, discuss clients and your approach. It’s a place to help you make sense of things and to have the opportunity to explore another perspective. Having a great relationship with your supervisor is the key to success, when choosing a supervisor, consider the following things:

The supervisor’s theoretical background and more professional training

How long they have been practising (more recently registered therapists should look for more experienced supervisors)

How personal and supportive you find them and their supervision is like

This will help you decide if they’re right for you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions You can also call me on 07973784898 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first Alternatively you can make a booking by pressing the make a booking button.

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